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Cenes de la Vega paragliding take-off Information page


Site Name Cenes de la vega  
Site Coordinates 37.1°N 3.3°W
Type of flying Thermic
Orientation West
Good when? Nil wind; light W to N wind; Light east wind
Bad when? Moderate/Strong S wind; Strong E wind  
Take-off altitude 1200m
Landing altitude 700m
Height difference 500m
Pilot Level Beginner to Expert
Observations This is the main flying site in Granada, and the starting point for good cross-country flights when the conditions are good. Don't be fooled by the low starting altitude: you can be up at 3000m in minutes. In the summer months, this is usually the best take-off.

General Information

The site faces W/NW, but is also great in a light easterly (as long as there is no northerly component, 10 knots or more can be okay), when it is protected my the Sierra Nevada range. The take-off is huge, and so is the landing. There is a motorway beside the landing, but don't let this put you off. It really is gigantic.

In winter you can walk up the ridge behind the take-off and launch towards the south. This side heats up better in the winter months, and so works better. This take-off is steep, and not for beginners. There are landings below in the village of Monachil if you need them. A road takes you straight back up to take-off. This shouldn't be necessary, however, as the ridge falls away to the west and allows you to turn the corner and either land on the take-off, or carry on down to the ordinary landing field in 'Cenes de la vega'.

There is a valley to the right of take-off with cables in it. Don't go in there low - it is turbulent. Likewise, heading back from the take-off is fine: just make sure you have enough height to get back.

Paragliding in Sierra Nevada
In strong south wind (often a strong meteo east wind will manifest here as south - especially in summer), the site is very turbulent.

Getting There

By car - Follow the signs for Sierra Nevada. You will pass the landing on the left before the road starts to climb. Carry on until you see a road on the right towards 'Camping El purche' (8.6 km). This will take you above a quarry. When you arrive at the junction (1.2 km), turn right. You will descend steeply before encountering the entrance to a track on the right (1 km). Follow this track 'Camino de los Neveros'. You will pass a (probably dry) fountain. Park beside some ugly concrete benches (1.5 km) and a bike stand that they seem to have erected for no good reason. Climb up 2 minutes to the take-off.

By bus - You can get to the landing field by bus. Normally you should be able to find someone to go up with. Take the number 33 bus from 'Paseo de Salon' (near the big supermarket 'El Corte Ingles' in the centre of town). Get off the bus at the last stop (where it turns round and returns to Granada). Return along the same road a couple of hundred metres and turn left towards Sierra Nevada. Continue along this road for another couple of hundren metres, and you will come to the landing field (raised up) on the right.